21st Century Clinics Ltd

21st Century Clinics in London are operators of clinics providing the highest quality private medical services. We deal direct with patients and also with  employers who wish to provide private medical services to their staff. We have been active in private medicine for 20 years and all our doctors have much longer experience in the public and private sectors both in the UK and overseas. We deliberately seek out doctors with experience of medical problems that might be rare in Britain but common elsewhere, particularly the tropics.

Our patients indeed come from all walks of life and from many different countries and cultures.

Our principles: We give the best possible advice and service, come what may.

Our firm belief is that what a patient needs is proper investigation and help provided by a doctor who knows what they are doing; a doctor who is fully trained, preferably with long years of experience in medicine; experience earned in a variety of climatic and social conditions.

Ours is a multi-specialised and open-minded service that includes holistic, alternative, complementary and conventional treatments as appropriate.

Some recent cases diagnosed on patients' first visits include: malaria, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, tuberculosis of the abdomen, spine and pericardium, anaemia, azoospermia, diabetes, eczema, giardiasis, gout, 'multiple endocrine neoplasia' (MEN type 1), otitis, pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, thyrotoxicosis, and thyroid hormone deficiency.

Many of our patients have come direct from an NHS unit where for one reason or another no-one sensible even looked at them, never mind examined them, let alone diagnosed the problem correctly. Others have conditions so rare in Britain (although common elsewhere) that NHS doctors have never encountered the condition before. Whatever is the matter with you, we can guarantee that you will be listened to, thoroughly examined and that any proposed treatment will be discussed with you.