Our publications either support the various activities of 21st Century Clinic Ltd, or they are part of our general commitment to the improvement of Medicine by way of research, debate and education. Currently available books are described briefly here and in more detail on the linked sub-pages where you may arrange purchase on-line. Print editions are available equally through bookshops, Amazon, etc. PDF editions are sold only by Mount Davis Press, whether direct or through this website.


Simple Simon's Guide to Diet and Nutrition. Published October 2009. Commonsense applied to the everyday problems of weight control and healthy diet. A simple, easily-applied approach, and all the nutritional facts you need, packed into 52 pages with Quick-Find on the first page and a comprehensive Index on the last. Weighs less than 80 grams, but has the punch of 800! Print and pdf versions, or both if you prefer (at reduced price).


The State of Medicine Today. Publication, PDF October 2009. An account of the changes that have come over Medicine in the last fifty years; some good, some bad; and what needs to be done about them. We concentrate on organisation, political control and the unfortunate influences of the Law and the Media, based on ignorance of what medicine really is and can do. Unfortunate and muddleheaded because you can no more change the inner nature of Medicine just by taking thought than add a single cubit to your height.