The State of Medicine Today

Author: T.R.C. Boyde, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry, the University of Hong Kong

Publication PDF edition October 2009, pages 154.

     Subject: Many changes have been made in the last fifty years to how Medicine is practised, nearly all by people who have no idea what they are doing so it should be no surprise if bad outweighs good. First understand, then decide what should be done; that\'s the better way. The really important things for doctors and patients alike are advances in practice brought about by both clinical and fundamental research. This book, however, concentrates on how we have retreated in recent years, in matters of organisation, political control and the unfortunate influences of the Law, the Media; and a Public whipped into action by hysterical, self-seeking politicians. The inner nature of Medicine remains the same, no matter how you fiddle with its organisation. You can no more change that inner nature; neither by just taking thought nor running around to gather votes; than add a single cubit to your height. 

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