Diet, Nutrition and Active Lifestyle

Thousands of pages, millions of words, appear daily on the subjects of Diet and Nutrition. Unfortunately, nearly everything that appears in the press and on the internet is hopelessly inaccurate, and even dangerous.

Nutrition is a science whose main principles were laid down nearly 100 years ago and "recent advances" have added little since. The important thing is how to use that science in advising what a person should eat. In brief: informed common sense will do. Unless there are special complications of a medical kind there is no need for any fuss about diet.

We have written and published a simple and easy to follow guide to correct eating: "Simple Simon's Guide to Diet and Nutrition", available from us, Amazon or bookshops. The book includes simple ways of working out the energy content of foods and your Body Mass Index, and recommends easy-to-follow plans to controlling your weight. The book is based on our years of experience in medicine and science and is the truth as near as we know it. No fads; no false promises.

The main message is simply these: that if you eat a sensible range of foods and only enough altogether to maintain a sensible body weight, there is nothing to fear, no pills to take, no supplementary vitamins to swallow.

Body Weight: Keep in Shape

An example for you to consider. The Maasai people in East Africa are semi-nomadic herdsmen and used to eat a diet consisting mostly of blood and milk. A diet we would normally consider appallingly unhealthy. Why didn't they all drop dead of heart disease? In fact Maasai herdsmen had extremely little heart or arterial disease and their blood cholesterol levels were much lower than very fit young men in the West. This information caused excitement until it was established that other Maasai who moved into towns and ate modern "balanced" diets developed cardiovascular disease, and their blood cholesterol levels were like what we expect in Western societies.So it wasn't genetic.

The difference is simply that a Maasai man, protecting his cattle herds from predators like hyenas and lions, might be walking or running up to fifty miles per day! His brother in the town took a bus to work.

The conclusion: exercise is protective, and can overcome a poor diet. In the case of the Maasai tribesmen the diet was not only unhealthy, it was unpalatable and provided a low calorie intake.

Now there's a first hint about what we have to do, and exercise must be included in the package. We can help you every step of the way.