Private Medicine

Personal Service

National Health Services like the NHS and "Medicare" are deliberately limited in scope for a mixture of political, economic and purely practical reasons. They are usually directed to have a responsibility for the health of the nation as a whole, and are required to focus their resources and attention on this. This can mean that the individual, suffering from something not considered life-threatening, of national importance, or of economic significance, can be left out. It also means that the harried and over-burdened people within the service haven't the time they would like to have, and individual service levels and courtesy can be sacrificed in the name of the common good.

Relentless popular political pressure to expand the scope of the free services; the ageing of first-world populations as the baby-boomer generation passes through middle-age; tightening national budgets that can't keep pace with demand: all these increase the pressure on national health services, and discretionary treatment is being cut back across the board.

Speed and Promptness

There are many other reasons to consult a doctor who works in the private sector: time may be unusually precious, or a non-threatening condition may be unusually irksome, and the normal waiting lists for free treatment may seem interminable, or travel commitments mean appointments months away cannot be kept.

Local and Overseas Experience

You might wish to consult a doctor with direct experience of diseases that are rare in Britain, but common elsewhere. Many foreign expatriates take advantage of 21st Century Clincs' UK-qualified doctors who have worked and practiced both in the UK and overseas, and returned with practical overseas experience to work in London. Perhaps you believe you've acquired something serious while on an overseas trip, and your usual doctors seem unable to recognise the problem. We are used to the unusual. Speak to us.


There are many reasons why you might prefer to consult someone other than your usual doctor about some conditions. Perhaps all you require is a second opinion. Whatever your reasons, we treat all consultations as completely private and confidential and details of consultations, diagnoses and treatments will not be disclosed to anyone unless at your particular request.


We treat all patients equally, with care and courtesy, and give our advice frankly and clearly.

We hold tightly to the belief that the central thing about the practice of clinical medicine is the consultation for a particular patient. You will be listened to very carefully, and examined thoroughly. If any tests are needed you will have these explained to you, and the results will be discussed with you. Before any treatment is undertaken, it will be discussed with you first.