Tris(2-hydroxyethyl)Isocyanurate(THEIC)--YIXING CITY ZHONGZHENG CHEMICAL CO., LTD.
Flame Retardants
Auxiliaries of Paints or varni
Dyestuff Intermediates
Adhesive series
Product Name: Tris(2-hydroxyethyl)Isocyanurate(THEIC)
Molecular Formula : C9H15N39O6
Structure formula:
Appearance: White crystalline powder or granular
Melting point: 133.5-137.0℃
Hydroxyl Value(KOH mg/g): 630-650
Acidity(KOH mg/g): ≤1.0
Packing: 25kgs/woven bag
Usage: Used as an important raw material for the production of heat-resistant wire enamels and surface coatings with extremely good mechanical properties, diverse polyurethane plastic. water-base stoving enamels. unsaturated polyester resins, As organic intermediates for insecticide, plasticizing agent, dyestuffs and phar-maceuticals etc.
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