Telephone and Home Consultations

Our telephone and our home consultations are of an unusual character and  offered only subject to stringent conditions. Neither is for use in emergency. Consultation in each case is by appointment only, sometimes possible at very short notice, more likely a day or two (it depends on the availablity of the right doctor).

Prepayment is required: the fees are high and all telecommunication charges must be paid for directly by the caller. Consultations will be with a qualified doctor fully registered with the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom and will be conducted in the English language unless other arrangements have been made in advance at additional cost.

A full medical consultation requires face to face contact with a doctor. We must emphasise that a telephone consultation cannot serve the same purposes and it is usually impossible for us to arrange treatment or prescibe medication following only a telephone consutation. Rather, we seek to provide guidance in response to a patient's concerns as expressed verbally (including by way of answers to our questions, which will be of a searching character). Details of the patient including date of birth and address will be taken at the time of booking; notes will be taken and all conversations will be recorded electronically.

The charge period for a telephone consultation begins at the previously agreed time. The conversation will be terminated 25 minutes later, without reference to the actual time when the conversation began, and can be extended only if there is a vacancy in the schedule and if additional payment is received before the additional period begins.