Flame Retardants|Dyestuff Intermediates|Surfactants|Adhesive series--YIXING CITY ZHONGZHENG CHEMICAL CO., LTD.
Flame Retardants
Auxiliaries of Paints or varni
Dyestuff Intermediates
Adhesive series
Yixing City Laboratory of Fine Chemicals
● Authorised by Yixing City Science Technology Committee. who testify our high position in Yixing fine chemical industry. 
● Relying on famous domestic scientific research institute, owning advanced and powerful technique. 
● A11 scientific personnels have or above technical medium post. Among them, we have a professional senior engineer and two associated research fellows. 
● Complete scientific research installations, perfect testing method. 
● Having more than twenty years’ experience, specialized in the enlargement and production on the experiment.
● Specialized in the following reaction: 

   Hydrocarbonation reaction, Ammoniation reaction, Ammonolysis reaction;

   Nitration reaction, Nitrosylation reaction, Oxidation reaction;

   Reduction reaction, Esterification reaction, Sulfonation reaction;

   Addition reaction, Condensation reaction.

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